Friday, November 20, 2015

GMO...Just Say NO! Genetically Modified Salmon, or ANY GMO - not on my table!

I don't have a recipe today - I'm too angry!! More GMO headed our way in the form of salmon and the FDA says that's OK! I reached my last straw a while back. Will this be the last straw for the rest of us? I hope so!

Today the story  is all over the news proclaiming that the FDA has approved genetically modified salmon to be safe to eat and will now be available in stores. No thanks!! Not only do I not want this on my table, I don't want any GMO foods on my table. What's wrong with what nature designed? The FDA, big food, big agriculture and our politicians can take this stuff and eat all they want of it. I want no part of it. I'm buying organic, buying local and growing my own. As far as meat, I refuse to buy any meat that's been raised in a confinement or feed lot and fed GMO based feed. If the animals are eating GMO sprayed with RoundUp and we're eating the animals, we're eating GMO and RoundUp, and that's not even including the massive amounts of antibiotics they're fed along with it. If we eat GMO based food (cereals, breads, etc), we're eating RoundUp. Lawsuits are building against Monsanto's RoundUp for causing cancer in people who have worked with it doing the spraying. If it's not safe to work with it, it can't be safe to eat it! I live in a rural area. I watch GMO crops being planted and sprayed with RoundUp. Nobody can convince me that GMO is safe. If it's sprayed with RoundUp, it just makes sense we're eating RoundUp. Big good companies are fighting tooth and nail  to keep from labeling it as GMO, and that includes the salmon. The FDA will not require genetically modified salmon to be labeled, but the producers can if they want to. Right!! Take your chances buying salmon because you're not going to know if it's natural or frankenfish. If these companies are so proud of their product, LABEL IT! But, they won't and our politicians that we voted in to represent us don't represent us, they represent them. If they won't listen to the voters (and they don't seem to be too terribly interested in doing that) then one way I can fight back is with my money by supporting organic and local farmers and meat producers. I refuse to support companies who use GMO in their products. GMO is nothing but a HUGE money making situation for Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, DuPont (Pioneer) and others who care nothing about the health of the people who are eating it but are "selling" it by saying they're feeding the world. I'm not buying it - not literally, not figuratively. GMO - just say no! IF THE EARTH DIDN'T MAKE IT, DON'T EAT IT!

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